daikon carrot lemongrass quick pickle

It’s frizzy-hair-in-a-headband season on the east coast. Sunglasses slide off your face. Don’t even try to have a cell phone chat while strolling around outside. Uncool. The heavy air, the heat rolling off the pavement makes me want sharp tastes.

daikon carrot lemongrass quick pickle in jar

Shaved daikon and carrots quick pickled with lemongrass is the remedy. It’s peppery. I like this quick pickle on a bulgogi sandwich or as a condiment with any sort of barbeque. It brings a kick of bright taste and the bite of vinegar.

daikon carrot quick pickle in small dish

Daikon carrot lemongrass quick pickle is like jumping into a frosty pool of water in the middle of a heat wave. It’ll sharpen you up, set you straight and wipe the haze of a city summer from your eyes.

No heat required.

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9 Responses to daikon carrot lemongrass quick pickle

  1. This sounds so good– I love the addition of lemongrass!

  2. I’ve broken into a fever just reading about that heat! Love these tasty pickles and that they can be ready from craving to plate in under half an hour, no sweat!

  3. Fantastic idea! Bet that lemongrass packs a great punch!

  4. Lola Lobato says:

    This is something I would love to take to a picnic!!!

  5. Refreshing! Sounds like the perfect condiment for sandwiches or just eating alone! :) My family makes a quick relish using radishes and daikon. Stinky as hell but so good! :-p

  6. Jackie says:

    This looks great. I want to make some pulled pork tacos as a vessel for this goodness.