Kickin’ it with Cucumber Water

My friend, Dixie, introduced me to this simple summer trick when I visited her in Stockholm over a decade ago. She told me, “Girl, you are NOT gonna believe how simple and good this is…plus it’s pretty.”

cucumber slices in line

True or false: everyone calls each other girl in Sweden? False…though it would be a fun addition to the language. Dixie and I called each other girl. I don’t remember exactly how that started. Maybe we crept it from Dixie’s sunshine state youth. Maybe we fell into it when we roamed around NYC doing costumes for some very low budget, and often kinda crappy, films. You gotta start somewhere, right?

Once we costumed a (very) low budget kung fu movie. The leading man liked to kung his fu freely…as in he liked to go commando. No drawers. He’d be high-kicking, grunting and hollering hi-YAHs all over the place. We called him Free Willy. He did not appreciate the underwear we dropped off with his costumes and he did not take the hint. It was all kind of hilarious and awkward.

Anyway…I miss hanging out with my girl, Dixie, in person…back when we lived in the same city. Let’s get back to visiting her in Stockholm and discovering cucumber water.

cucumber water oh

Cut a bunch of cucumber slices. I used an English cucumber here but any cucumber will do. This is one of the awesome aspects of cucumber water: it’s an inexact, wingin’ it beverage.

Add cucumber slices to a pitcher of water. Let them get acquainted for fifteen minutes or so then serve.

cucumber water closeIt’s that simple. Cucumber water tastes exactly like it sounds: water with a cucumber-y flavor. It’s light, surprisingly refreshing and a good palate cleanser. Cucumber water makes you feel nice, livens up your mouth. Plus a pitcher of cucumber water is exactly like my girl said: it looks pretty on a picnic table.

A jug or pitcher of cucumber water will keep in the fridge for a day. Add more water when it gets low = all day refreshment. I always think of Stockholm and Dixie when I make cucumber water; how summer light eats up the night during midnight sun.

Skal…that’s cheers in Swedish…and a freewheelin’ hi-YAH!

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