Cucumber Lemonade

It’s gotten hot out, right? Time to cool down with some Cucumber Lemonade.

lemon cucumber bottles juice

This version of lemonade is uber cucumbery and slightly lemony. I went heavy on the cucumber because I really like cucumber. If you want the lemon to have more say in the matter then add more lemon juice. Mine happened like this:

A bunch of summery ingredients decided to play Red Rover.

Heavy Sugar, Seltzer and the Lemons shouted out, “Send Cucumber over.”

cucumber lemonade ingredients play red rover

The Lemon twins were like, “We got this.”

lemon and bee

Cucumber took a vegetal charge at the Lemons.

cucumber dominates

Cucumber won.

cucumber wins red rover lemonade battle

I dig this super cucumbery version of lemonade. My recipe will give you leftover Heavy Sugar so you can experiment with more or less cucumber. Heavy Sugar is nice to have around for summertime drink-making. It’ll keep for a few days in the fridge. Heck you can leave the cucumber out altogether if cucumber doesn’t thrill ya.

cucumber lemonade ingredients

Or juice up limes, oranges, berries, herbs. Think mint, basil, rosemary. Make your version of a summer cooler. Adult the whole thing up with vodka if you like. Be generous with ice. Stir well. Swizzle. Imbibe.

Pop a paper umbrella in your Cucumber Lemonade. Make it a vacation.

cucumber lemonade tools and swagger

Even if you’re sweltering in the city you can imagine a beach, a breeze, a view.

cucumber lemonade paper umbrellas painted poppies

Sip away.

cucumber lemonade after the party

Now we have a refreshing reason to get steamy all over again. Happy cucumbery summer!

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