The Crabby Feeyancee: Crab Coconut Curry Rice

I made my first version of The Crabby Feeyancee shortly after my husband and I got engaged. We winged off to New Orleans for a weekend and threw the word fiancé around with the same abandon that we applied to eating po’boys, étouffée and beignets.

In New Orleans so many words lilt up into a drawly, long A. So, for us, fiancé always gets some Big Easy smacked on it.

Many moments simmer into dinner in this one pot wonder. Creamy Dungeness crab, jasmine rice and coconut milk mingle.

crab jasmine rice coconut milk clouds

Habanero pepper, curry powder, ground cumin and garam masala bring fire and smoky warmth.

habanero curry cumin garam masala

Fresh lime juice and minced ginger cut in with citrus clarity. Snap peas bring on the crunch. And the whole comforting, slightly feisty Crabby Feeyancee is topped with parsley leaves, slivered scallions and toasted coconut.

Crabby Feeyancee crab coconut curry rice

The Crabby Feeyancee is vaguely related to étouffée but this fiancé skips the roux like a bride ready to rush the aisle…the chick who does a slamdance dive to catch the lucky bouquet.

crabby feeyance crab coconut curry rice white plate

Thirty minutes, one pot, a little chopping and swirling is all you need to make this satisfying, layered dish. The Crabby Feeyancee is a big easy, one pot wonder. I make it often for weeknight dinners.

Creamy crab and coconut milk lay down a comforting base that’s soothing enough to calm your better half…should they be, on occasion, grouchy. This dish is spicy enough to keep the fires going. And it’s layered with textures, splashed with bright citrus.

Bon Appétit! Celebrate your big easy love. And when your person is grouchy (hey, life’s hard) give ’em some crabby, coconut milk, curried comfort.

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3 Responses to The Crabby Feeyancee: Crab Coconut Curry Rice

  1. Mmm! You know how much I’ve been digging the coconut milk so this is just awesome and I need this in my immediate life. Think I’d have to take it easy on the curry powder though– hubby has an aversion to it, not sure why, orrrr I could just make a whole pot to myself. :) And I love crab in just about everything. So good. BTW, I love your clouds placemat/tablecloth. Super cute.

    • fatpig says:

      @Stephanie okie dokie artichokie Thank you…that’s a big piece of vintage fabric. I think about making a breezy sundress out of it every summer.

  2. Molly Van Meter says:

    Yummers! I will be making this SOON. WD!