Concord Grape Syrups: Straight Up, Vanilla Bean, Rosemary, Cardamom

 Welcome to the Fat Pig in the Market Concord Grape Extravaganza…2012!

concord grape syrup bowls and jars

I’m starting this party with Concord grape syrup which is the main grapey ingredient for several recipes I’ll be posting during grapefest. One pound (sixteen ounces) of Concords will let you make this syrup recipe twice (a double batch). I like making one batch that’s completely straight up Concord and one  batch with a little tilt to it. I make them both at the same time in separate pots since infusing another flavor into this syrup begins with the first simmer.

I add vanilla bean for my Concord Grape Sherbet, cardamom seeds and pods for a gently spiced syrup. Throw in a branch of rosemary and you’ll be ready for the Oinking Concord Grape Happy Hour tomorrow.

concord grape syrup and concord grapes

Concord grape syrup, straight grape or otherwise, can be drizzled on sweet and savory foods. It is super grapey, slightly tart, sweet. Summer in a syrup. On ice cream = no-brainer.  I would risk a piece of bacon. The sweetness of the syrup against smoky, salty, crispy pork would rock. It’s clearly gonna be good on waffles or peanut butter pancakes. Smoked duck…totally.

For the most part I have light, simple breakfasts so how about a dainty drizzle of Vanilla Bean Concord Grape Syrup on Greek yogurt with apricot granola and slices of donut peach?

vanilla bean Concord grape syrup on yogurt peaches granola

Concord grape syrup is also very good at creating reflections when it’s in a clear glass decanter. That’s how inky purple it is. I’m making a cameo here (lower left of bottle). My hair silhouette is scarily similar to the bushy tree also making a cameo in the syrup bottle’s reflection.

Concord grape syrup

Tomorrow let’s get happy for the long weekend. I’ll be wearing my new arrow bracelet.

arrow bracelet

And getting fizzy with it.

concord grape rosemary gin fizz ingredients

Come back tomorrow. Get happy. Long weekend!

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2 Responses to Concord Grape Syrups: Straight Up, Vanilla Bean, Rosemary, Cardamom

  1. betsy says:

    This is fabulous!
    Any chance you will be throwing an NYC Oinking Concord Grape Happy Hour?
    Brooklyn would be honored to host you (right Molly?).
    I am once again inspired!

    • fatpig says:

      Betsy!!!! If I can find some Concords when I’m back I’m definitely down for an east coast party. No sleep till Brooklyn! New York and Washington are two of the larger producers of Concord grapes. I just found that out. Cool, huh? I will find the east coast grapes and we shall drink the grapiest drinks! XO the oinker