Concord Grape Sherbet

Did you know that there’s no r in the “et” part of sherbet? But it’s pronounced as sher-bert which is why sherbet is commonly misspelled.

Concord Grape Sherbet

And sherbet is just fruit (in juice or syrup form) churned with cream under icy conditions.

Sherbet is also the name of a seventies Australian rock band who sang a totally appropriate song for this particular frosty recipe: Summer Love. Dig?

I love researching stuff on the internet.

Concord Grape Sherbet This Concord Grape Sherbet is easy to make and really doesn’t need much research. Make Concord Grape Syrup. I like using the vanilla bean version. Mix the syrup with cream. Chill. Churn. Sherbet!

Last year I made a version with a double batch of syrup. It was an excellent shade of magenta.

concord grape sherbet with rainbow sprinkles

It looked pretty with rainbow sprinkles and had an intense grapiness. But just as the grape taste was about to become tart the cream would kick in and mellow the experience out. I loved it!

This year I made Concord Grape Sherbet with a single batch of syrup which makes the 2012 Concord grape frosty treat much smoother, creamier and quiet. It doesn’t have the wave of intense fruit at the start. The single syrup version gives you a kooky purple colored sherbet that teeters between possibly elegant and potentially Barney-ish.

My husband prefers the 2012 version.

Concord Grape Sherbet props from shoot

Either way you mix it Concord Grape Sherbet seems fitting for the end of summer. It has the sunniness of grapes cut by the silkiness and weight of ice cold cream. It’s refreshing, light, smooth and subtly sweet.

Concord Grape Sherbet melting

Wallow in summer while you can still get a spoonful!

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6 Responses to Concord Grape Sherbet

  1. I stumbled across your site whilst searching the badlands of the Internet for concord grape inspiration… and boy, oh boy am I glad I did! What a lovely blog you’ve got here.

    This sherbet is absolutely stunning. So hard to believe that color is real! I love the contrast in shades between last year’s and this year’s batch. And I love that you added jimmies to last year’s. I know they’re considered gauche by many a food snob, but I can’t resist the allure of iced desserts smothered in sprinkles. It’s just my hillbilly genes, they can’t help themselves.

    I am so happy I found a new site to add to my reading list! Keep up the great work…

    • fatpig says:

      Hi Sara, thanks for checking this sty out. Never mind the food snobs…jimmies rule! I’m going to surf on over to your site and check it out.

  2. What an amazing color that sherbet is!!! love it!

  3. Debra says:

    I have always pronounced it SherBET. I pompously correct people when the say sherBERT. Just one of my quirks!

  4. What do you know, I have a huge basket of concord grapes in the fridge. :) I spotted them at the market and had to get ’em before the season flew by. So far, I’ve added them to muffins, waffles, and muesli. I really love the color they give to this sherbet (Wow! I never knew how funny the word looks w/o the extra r…)– so purdy. :)

    • fatpig says:

      Hi Stephanie! Sherbet is weird without the r, right? Try saying it without an r in the second syllable if you wanna have a weird wordy moment. Concord grapes in waffles sounds excellent.