Chai Spice Coconut Granita

Whew! We sure had a sugar-dusted matchapalooza, huh? That samurai is one lively dude. I bet he gets his even-keeled energy from sipping matcha concoctions. He’s got that Jade Monk calm-steady.

We should chill a little with some Chai Spice Coconut Granita…just you and me and multiple trips to the freezer.

Jade Monk paper mountians for granitaChai Spice Coconut Granita is made with coconut milk, coconut water and Jade Monk Chai Spice matcha tea powder. Three ingredients, a bowl, a sturdy fork, time: that’s all you need for this recipe. Use a freezer-friendly bowl that allows the liquid to spread out and be somewhat shallow. I used a stainless steel round bowl that measures nine inches in diameter and just over an inch deep. You want the liquid to be shallow so it’ll freeze faster.

Jade Monk Chai Spice Coconut Granita

I often have a half cup of coconut milk leftover from making The Crabby Feeyancee, a weeknight summer staple around here. This recipe uses up that little, leftover half cup and you get a super light, refreshing, pale green granita as a bonus. Boom.

Who doesn’t love some naturally begotten green?

Chai Spice Coconut Granita even goes well with the Crabby Feeyancee.  Comforting chai spice, an undertone of green tea and silky, smooth coconut milk get suspended in thin, icy flakes. Jade Monk snow.

Chai Spice Coconut Granita with Jade Monk matcha blue spoon

Matcha mountains. Thank you, Jade Monk, for sending me your awesome green tea powders. Clearly I was inspired by them.

Jade Monk set

Click on the samurai photos or here for a link to Jade Monk in case you wanna have your own matchapalooza. Oink!

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