Campari Safari

Summer makes me want every day to be a weekend day. Exposure to sunlight will do that to a PNW person, even to a semi-Seattleite like me.

King Station Clock Smith Tower Seattle summer

The days stretch out. Light loiters.

downtown Seattle magic hour

Simple, seasonal meals take over the table. There’s butter: unsalted, melted, real.

crawfish cosmos butter

These extra, well-lit hours make me wanna wander through neighborhoods, explore new stores. Snuffle at fellow oinkers in urban, rooftop gardens.

Pike Place Market Urban Garden oinking doorsClimb a curving stairwell. Eat at the bar.

Radiator Whiskey kitchen view

This is my Safari in Your City season. My seasons have mantras. Makes it easier to focus on those seasonal goals. And I like a little alliteration.

Bloom with a view

This summer I’m traveling in my own city…one of ’em anyway. I’ll be tooling around the west coast, drinking in Seattle sun. And snapping plenty of pictures. Many Seattle neighborhoods are changing quickly. It’s interesting to watch the old and the new push up against each other which, at times, benefits both.  And at times that push is the start of an inevitable battle over turf.

blinds architectural details

Safari in Your City will be a recurring feature happening here at the sty. Gather your crew.

Safari in Your City Seattle crew

We should start off Safari in Your City: Seattle with an aperitif-based beverage. Seattle does happy hour right so this seems like the appropriate thing to do. I suggest a Campari Safari: Campari, gin, fresh lemon juice, tonic, ice. Stir it. Straw it. Safari.

campari safari ingredients

Campari has a satisfyingly bitter, decidedly herbal flavor. It’s distinctive and difficult to pin down. There’s even an ongoing debate over the number of ingredients that make up this aperitif’s well-guarded recipe with guesses ranging from twenty to eighty.

Campari is intriguing, challenging even at first. It gets you to notice its flavor. Campari is the wily chorus girl adding a little extra shimmy to her shake, angling for the spotlight. Campari wakes up the palate, gets it ready and wanting more. Plus it’s a pretty color.

Get ready to oink. And drink up summer.

Campari Safari with glass llama

Drink in Seattle.

Pike Place Market chalkboard pig

Go forth and safari in your city, son.

Campari Safari crew

Campari Safari

Citrus-sparked, ginned-up, Campari cocktail. Fizzy with tonic, brightened by fresh lemon juice built on the distinctively herby, satisfyingly bitter aperitif: Campari. Plus it’s a pretty color.


  • a high ball glass (or a glass of roughly that size. I used a 12 ounce glass)
  • ice
  • one ounce of Campari
  • one ounce of gin *I used Tanqueray
  • half an ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • tonic water

Instructions for mixing up a Campari Safari:

  1. Fill your glass almost to the brim with ice cubes.
  2. Add Campari, gin, lemon juice.
  3. Top with tonic water.
  4. Stir well.
  5. Safari!

fat pig in the market – happy hour cocktails[/print_this]

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