butternut squash soup with bacon

The handwritten recipe for this Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon made a cameo appearance on fat pig in the market in the very first post about one year ago.

butternut squash soup with cream and bacon

I work out recipes in little, lined-paper notebooks and in sketchpads. I map out ideas and order prep lists alongside wandering pen swirls, plans for planters and lists of clothing items that would make the perfect wardrobe.

sketchbooks with recipes and doodles

All the jeans in my fantasy wardrobe are hemmed perfectly.  My dream wardrobe is solid.

I make Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon for dinner parties and special occasions because it tastes sinful. Indulgent. And it’s pretty. The butternut squash gives this soup its vibrant color and lush, silky texture.  Crisp slivers of slab bacon add pops of crunchiness and salt.

butternut squash soup with swirl of cream and baconServe it in an inky-black bowl with a swirl of cream and a generous scatter of bacon.

If your perfectly chic jeans are hemmed perfectly then you’re ready to get the party season started. Well…you have the first course.

And you probably need a top.


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4 Responses to butternut squash soup with bacon

  1. Letizia says:

    Beautiful soup, and the laver combination sounds delish!

  2. Love butternut squash soup. It is indeed luxurious and sinful. Making a batch for a friend this week so he can take to his Thanksgiving dinner. :-) Love to see that I’m not the only person that scribbles menu plans into a notebook. I find it so thrilling. :-p

  3. zerrin says:

    Awesome soup with many flavors! I agree on the vibrant color and I love bacon pieces as topping! A winner for invitations!

  4. I just had a pureed type of soup last night. They do make for a great dinner, I am ready to have some more. Butternut squash does sound like it would be the perfect ingredient for a tasty creamy soup. Love the swirl and the bacon topper in your picture-stunning and delicious.