broiled grapefruit with cinnamon and brown sugar

My friend Molly once told me that you know someone loves you when they segment your grapefruit for you.

grapefruit segment in spoon


When the gleaming segment that pops right into your spoon has been slathered with brown sugar and cinnamon and broiled then someone loves you enough to decide that you should have fruit for breakfast instead of bacon…for at least part of the year.

brolied grapefruit with cinnamon and brown sugar

Broiled Grapefruit with Vietnamese Cinnamon and Brown Sugar is the new breakfast around this sty. It’s Fitness February.

grapefruit still ife

Fitness February is preceded by Divin’-in-December and Just-Can’t-Get-Enough-January. We like to arrive early and stay late for the party season.

Despite my belief in the healing properties of frosty treats and my fervor for butter I look forward to Fitness February. I’m down with balance. And after a few months of cocktails, stinky cheeses and fluffy desserts I’m ready for citrus, leafy veggies and green smoothies.

Broiled grapefruit is ridiculously easy to make but it seems kinda fancy. The segmenting before serving step makes it feel like a treat since your wife/friend/excellent person has done all the fussy work for you.

I use a sparkly grapefruit knife. The curved blade makes it easy to free the segments from the rind.

cutting rind with grapefruit knife

Use the straight blade to gently loosen each segment from the membrane.

grapefruit knife separating segments from membrane

I do this over the ramekin that I use for broiling the grapefruit so I catch all the juices. Serve the grapefruits in the same ramekins after letting them cool a bit and you’ll have juice to sip after you enjoy your segmented, cinnamon love notes.

Definitely let the ramekins cool. Don’t hurt your paw parts like some people.

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10 Responses to broiled grapefruit with cinnamon and brown sugar

  1. Asmita says:

    This really sounds and looks so fancy. I love that it is so easy to make and I shall be making it soon. I guess , you could also use an orange-right?

  2. That’s so funny – my mom used to cut my grapefruits into segments before she served them to me!

  3. Okay, that definitely sounds like a great way to eat grapefruit!!! We’re sold!

  4. Jackie says:

    I was just thinking about trying this! You have inspired me ;) except I want it WITH bacon!

  5. I think I have that same slate cheeseboard thingy you have. Oh, and guess what? I finally ordered some Saigon cinnamon and am LOVING it so far. I did a side-by-side scent and taste comparison with traditional cinnamon and found the Vietnamese variety surpasses it by a pinch. Smells sort of florally and has a deeper flavor. I haven’t baked with it yet but I’ve been adding it to my flax oatmeal in the mornings, along with maple syrup, and it tastes awesome. :-) And I want your grapefruit knife. lol

    • fatpig says:

      Great minds have the same slatey cheeseboard thingys! I got my grapefruit knife for four bucks at Uwajimaya. I’ve been using it almost nonstop and it seems sturdy. Love that sucker! The brand is Endurance RSVP. It’s on Amazon…just checked.

  6. Fresh grapefruit is so delicious, but eating it the same plain way does get old. I am glad to find something that adds a little extra flavor and variety! Glad you shared this one.

  7. Molly Van Meter says:

    How funny! I just was telling Guinness we could make these, but had not thought of the cinnamon…YUM. Her eyes got very wide with anticipation! Now that big bowl of grapefruit can stop sulking every time I walk past it.