bribing springtime with black sesame seeds

Springtime…I offer you sweet potato fries festooned with pawfuls of black sesame seeds and sparked up with a salty brown sugar and cinnamon mix.

sweet potato fries with black sesame seeds in paper cone

Remember me? I threw you a mini party last week when you dropped by.

I had a snazzy hat at hand to shade your sudden sunbursts. We toasted with a crispy chardonnay and made woo-woo eyes at the Weber.

sunny scene with sweet potato black sesame fries and chardonnay

I was amped, dudette. What happened?

sleet eats springtime in Seattle

I know we ran out of fries. I made more.

baked sweet potato fries with black sesame seeds brown sugar cinnamon and salt

Get here!

sweet potato into fries

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8 Responses to bribing springtime with black sesame seeds

  1. sarah says:

    do you think that if we both make these again tonight that spring will come visit us this weekend?

    ready. set. go!

  2. I’ve never thought to sprinkle black sesame seeds on sweet potato fries before! ‘Course I don’t have any laying around though I do have the usual white ones, which, I used yesterday for my cake! I love the contrast of color, very posh.

  3. Sweet potato fries have really become the preferred side in this household and we love the sesame seeds and cinnamon in your recipe. Fitting offering to spring.

  4. Ooh I love the idea of adding the black sesame seeds! I’ll come party with you and your Weber for a few of these!!

  5. These look very addictive-I do have a liking for the sweet salty combo so these get a big thumbs up from me. I do not need any excuse to eat these-rain or shine. It does sound like a mini party is in order, so I am on my way-make sure there are plenty of fries!

  6. betsy says:

    oh my lord those look amazing
    if I promise to visit and bring spring with me, will you make these for me?
    I am all a swoon!