bourbon glazed and book read – a fistful of cookies

I’ve been lolling around trying to extend summer and stalking half-price hanging chairs online. If I had a hammock…I’d hammock in the evening.

I’d hammock in the morning with a fiction in hand…and a fistful of Bourbon Glazed Pecan Dark Chocolate Sea-Salted Cookies. These liquored-up cookies might be the transition to Fall that I need.

Bourbon Glazed Book Read Cookies and Maker's shot

I posted some Kentucky Bourbon love before on this blog with my Maker’s Mark Glazed Pecans recipe. This time we’re adding fresh vanilla beans to our bourbon-glazed nuttiness and then we mix them into chunky oat-filled cookie dough alongside heaps of dark chocolate.  Dark muscovado sugar amps up the carmeloscity of it all. And for our final flourish we festoon our cookie dough with fancy-pants sea salt right before baking.

bourbvon glazed cookie ingredients

Git your salt-tinged, whisky-glazed cookie snack on!

I’m back in the oinking groove and ready to embrace a new season. I’d still like a hammock. An indoor reading hammock would be nice with a couple of drippy ferns hanging nearby for that plants-are-taking-over feel I aspire to.

bourbon glazed pecans dark chocolate salted cookies

And of course…a fistful of Bourbon Glazed and Book Read Cookies. Bring it, Fall!

p.s. Dear Guinness (my awesomely cute niece)…of course I will visit you! And we will make cookies. Thanks for the dinosaur postcard. I love it! XO and oink – Aunt Fozzie

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