bing cherry granita

Bing Cherry Granita. Whoa!

bing cherry granita

Bing Cherry Granita will make you say, “Whoa!” like Joey Russo. Name that 90’s sitcom. Here’s a clue:

begonia blooming within vase

Mix in some oversized overalls, a floppy hat, rev up the running man and you’ll have it. By the way, isn’t it cool how this blossom opened inside the vase?

It’s summer. Frosty treats are in order. Making granita requires minimal use of heat-generating appliances and it gives you several excuses to open the freezer. If you have simple syrup you won’t be turning on the stove at all. And if you don’t have simple syrup you can make some in minutes on the stovetop or moments in the microwave.

Simple syrup is also known as heavy sugar which is the name I prefer. Sounds funkier, right? If Martha Stewart and James Brown were mixing elixirs Martha would be measuring simple syrup and James would be swizzling in the heavy sugar. Heavy sugar is sugar dissolved in water, usually in a 1:1 ratio.

I’ve gone from Joey Russo to Martha Stewart to James Brown in fourteen sentences.

If Joey, Martha and James could kick back and slurp down some of this Bing Cherry Granita they would all be whoa-ing it up, feelin’ good. Picture that. Make granita, sit in the shade. While you eat it try saying, “Whoa!” like Joey then like Martha then like James.

Stay frosty!




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5 Responses to bing cherry granita

  1. Jackie says:

    Yum! I’m pretty sure I will always think of these as the “Joey Stewart Brown Granitas” Lovely job!

  2. “Whoa!”

    Oh, Blossom, what a great and silly sitcom that was! I wonder what that lass is up to nowadays. Embarrassing side note: I owned Joey’s music single on tape. And I played it over and over again. Because hell yeah, it was good! :-p

    But this granita is awesome. Such a light and elegant way to end a meal in the summer. And I might just take you up on that offer of sitting under a tree and saying, “Whoa!” in all three of those different personas. :-)

    • fatpig says:

      If you try out the three variety of Whoas you should listen to good ole Joey crooning in the background!

  3. This looks so welcoming in the hundred degree heat! Bing cherries are my favorite kinds of cherries.
    I wonder about your reference to Martha Stewart, Joey Russo and James Brown. Not sure how they would get along stuck in an elevator together-Ha! Hope your are having a wonderful weekend.

    • fatpig says:

      Yeah…Martha, James and Joey would not be a good combo in a small space. By the way I’d trade you granita for some of that Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream you have on your blog.
      Tina’s blog is for anyone reading who also needs that ice cream pronto!