Apple Crumble Muffins

Me: You know what’s cool about taking photos?

“Do tell,” mumbles Wilhelmina, my invisible, photo assistant. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Wilhelmina just shows up for the coffee breaks and edible props. Like right now…she’s eyeballing the Apple Crumble Muffins on the counter. I think she’s breaking off morsels of muffin from the sides that she thinks are gonna face away from camera. I’d totally consider canning her but I kinda dig her surly nature.

Me: Taking photos makes me really look at the world. I get struck by the simple awesomeness of objects and light; how they define each other. They sing and dance, murmur and shout.

cameo appple in moody light

“Deep,” says Wilhelmina. I totally hear the eyeroll.

Anyway…Wilhelmina is going to tidbit these comforting Apple Crumble Muffins into nonexistence if we don’t get to them quickly.

cameo apple and apple crumble muffin

This recipe will yield a dozen subtly sweet, supremely light Apple Crumble Muffins. Vietnamese cinnamon and golden brown sugar bring spark and smolder into the topping. I’m a big fan of Vietnamese cinnamon because it has a strong, unmuddled flavor. Substitute regular cinnamon if you don’t have the Vietnamese variety and amp up the amount a bit to compensate.

Whatever you do…claim your Apple Crumble Muffins before they disappear like Wilhelmina does when it’s time to do the dishes.

cameo apple and two apple crumble muffins

Have two and call it a double-good morning…or afternoon or late night snack. Enjoy!

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