Aloha Blondie

Aloha Blondie. Hello cakey cookie pie.

Aloha Blondie

This recipe is a spin-off from my Brown Sugar Blondie…kinda like Rhoda from Mary Tyler Moore.

I loved Rhoda. She wore the best gypsy-chic, 70’s scarves wrapped around her head. Plus she was a blunt, funny, self-aware New Yorker who went to art school.

In the world of Marys and Rhodas I am totally a Rhoda. Fine with me. Rhoda rocked. I even had a serious, vintage scarf as a head wrap, fashion phase when I was attending art school (and beyond).

Aloha Blondie on vintage Limoges

Aloha Blondie has the deep, almost rummy, sweetness of  dark brown sugar, the crackle of raw pecans and the occasional, soft, honey-ish pop from golden raisins. Shredded coconut brings in a little tropical vibe and adds texture. Raw cacao nibs mix a subtle, dark chocolate taste into the background.

Aloha Blondie has a lot going on but it works together really well. Kinda like Rhoda.

My husband can’t hear the name of this dessert without referencing good ole Jeff Spicoli. I suppose Spicoli, in the end, had more to him than history may have suspected.

Aloha Mr. Hand.

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