alive adrift aloft

I’ve been looking at eerie skies, sleek trains.

train and seattle sky

Been working…which meant there was an aquarium in my living room waiting to be loaded into a cargo van and on to a set for its brief moment onscreen.

aquarium in lr nyc

Ya gotta start somewhere, Aquarium.

I trekked around Brooklyn. And snuck photos of shelves in friends’ homes.

glass silver orange plant

Caught humble objects waiting, wondering.

Humble objects Betsy Brooklyn

While my friend put her son to sleep an oversized tin mug told me about the sound of surf and swore that this whole pen-holding thing is just what it’s doing till it gets back to coffee time on a beach.

brooklyn molly shleves

I admit that I ate some of this cheese and sipped some of this wine that I was left alone with before I started interviewing tin mugs.

Brooklyn molly cheese plate

I feel kinda emotional about these moments.

Brooklyn Molly Christopher art

It’s a privilege to know people at different stages of their lives; to see their homes steeped, marinated, transformed by the sum of simmered moments.

Molly's home Brooklyn NYC

I feel thankful for their pulse; persistence.

Betsy's Brooklyn trees

I am alive.

NYC graffiti


train station leaves


pink clouds

Now I gotta make something that will let you taste that.

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